From the Founder Always thinking in possibilities

From 10 years old I started investing in listed equity and options on stocks. With my passion and education, I had the unique opportunity to start my career as a market maker in stocks and stock-options on the exchange in Amsterdam.

After several roles within financial institutions, I became responsible for the business with Asset managers, Pension Funds & Sovereign Wealth Fund within Rabobank. In this role I experienced the added value of Private Equity in an investment portfolio, but I continuously had the question:

Why is it only possible for 2% of the world, the wealthiest persons and Financial Institutions, to invest direct in Private Equity?

This is why I became Chartered Valuator (Register Valuator) in 2021, to learn from the conflicts in Private markets, and started this company to create access to Private Equity Investments and their decent returns.

Duurt Jan van Dijk

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Our Mission

Making Private Equity and their returns more accessible and personal for all investors

Large financial institutions, Asset Managers & Pension Funds have access to Private Equity Investments and their attractive returns. They allocate large amounts of their investment portfolios into Private Equity.

We give you and your capital access to these attractive returns via a fund of fund investment fund.

  • Access to invest in the best performing Private Equity Funds with a long-dated history
  • Diversification and risk mitigation through investing in 4-10 Funds
  • Diversification in strategies
  • Diversification in sectors
  • Geographical diversification

Team Fund Administration & KYC

Tobias Bijman
CDD Analyst

Dion Kruijt
Fund Administrator


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